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The group’s energy business mainly focuses on coal, coke, fuel oil and other varieties. Coal (including coke) business is in close cooperation with large-scale coal mines and enterprises, such as Shanxi Datong, Inner Mongolia Shenhua, Shanxi Coal Import /Export, etc. The coal products sales volume was 26.8 billion Yuan, raw coal 18.61 million tons in 2011, which was the top of the domestic industry.
Fuel oil business is in cooperation with Singapore FAMM Sinopec, Thailand's national oil company, North Sea Group, CNPC, Sinochem International Oil, Mitsui oil companies. The business scope covers South China, North China market and builds a professional oil storage base in Guangzhou and Tianjin Dagang. Its sales volume of petroleum and petroleum products was 11.15 billion Yuan, fuel oil 1.659 million tons in 2011, ranking fifth in the same industry.