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The group has 92 various 4S stores and business establishments all over the country, with more than 70 domestic and overseas well-known automotive brand marketing rights, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan and so on. Tianjin haowu mechanical and electrical automobile trade Co., Ltd within the group is the largest automobile sales agents in Tianjin, one of the top ten auto dealer in china. It is a Comprehensive (automobile) circulation company engaged in new automobile sales (including imported automobiles), used automobile operations and transactions, vehicle modification, automobile rental, automobile assessment, auction transactions, maintenance, operation the electromechanical products, international trade, finance lease, and warehousing services. The Group has the largest used automobile market in Tianjin (Tianjin Airport Automotive Logistics Park) and the largest Mercedes-Benz imported market (Dongjiang Automotive Logistics Park), and holds the shares of Sichuan direction optoelectronic Co., Ltd (stock code: 000757, Shenzhen stock exchange main board. The main production is the crankshaft of automotive engine). In 2011, sales of Automobile & Electromechanical segment amounted to 17.54 billion Yuan, total sales of various types of vehicles 120,000, ranking third of the domestic industry.