Business Center业务中心

The group’s metal trading business consists of the ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals to carry out specialized operations. The ferrous metal trade includes all kinds of plate metal, wire, strip, and construction steel. The group is a first level agency of more than 30 large-scale iron and steel enterprises, such as Bao steel Group, An steel Group, Shou steel Group, Bao Steel Group, Sha Steel Group, Bohai Steel Group, Hebei steel Group, etc. Its marketing network covers the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Coastal Region and Northeast regions, and even extends to Europe and North America. The Group has four steel processing and distribution bases, and the annual sales of Group ferrous materials amounted to 112.3 billion Yuan in 2011, and ranked 4 in the domestic industry. There into, sales of steel products amounted to 12.74 million tons, ranked fifth in the same industry.
In the non-ferrous metals field, the group mainly operates copper, lead, aluminum, zinc, nickel, tin, germanium, silver and other products. The sale of non-ferrous metals was 15.3 billion Yuan in 2011, ranked fifth in the same industry. There into, sales of copper products amounted to 20.5700 tons, ranked fifth of the domestic industry.