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Tianjin Trade and Commodity School


Tianjin Material and Equipment Trade School is a state-owned full-time economic school aiming at bringing up modern society economic trade talents. In 1964, relying on the industry background of its superior-- Tianjin Materials and Equipment Group Corporation, and directed by Tianjin Education Committee, the school established its advantage major of modern logistics. In addition, it also set up subjects including marketing, E-business, computer application, plus other majors such as repair, accounting, hotel serviceand management, etc. The school has  rich teaching resources with 59 full-time teachers of which 42% i.e.25 teachers are seniors, 17 other teachers with intermediate certificates, which means the percentage of its teachers with intermediate or higher academic titles is 89% . By far the school has provided tens of thousands of graduates to various areas of the society,, acting a positive force on the economic construction and the development of the society.

In recent years, as the opening up of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the demand for comprehensive logistics and technical workers is increasing continously, therefore the school is gradually enlarging the scale and opening up  to the students all over the country. The students now are from 14 provinces /cities. In 2002 the school was granted the name of "the training base of modern logistics practical talents", thus has become the warehouse for the city's modern logistics talents, providing the city logistics industry with solid guarantee. In 2006 the school took charge of the the modern logistics professional teaching plans editing and experts demonstration for economic schools in Tianjin and accordingly consolidated its dominant position of modern logistics professional teaching of the city's vocational education. As the city's only member of the National Secondary Vocational Education Logistics Teaching Advisory Committee by the Ministry of Education of China, and the city's only member of the the Ministry of Education of China's Textbooks Editing Comitee to edit textbooks in accrdance with the national training guidlines for developing needed skills, within these 3 years about 54 persons including 20 teachers participated in the editing of national level textbooks including the leading editing of 8 logistics textbooks and the development of 7 school practice textbooks.

The school became a director in the Students Working Committee of the National Professional Education Academic Association in 2007. Lately, a multi-functional modern practical training center, combining the port logistics, production logistics, and trade business logistics, is under construction. This project is financially supported by National Finance, and will be accomplished in 2008. By then the school will welcome students from all over the country with this advanced national comprehensive practice center of modern logistics, and will have more positive effect on the logistics industry in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

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