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Tianjin Property Development Co., Ltd

In 2011, Tianjin Products Group set up Real Estate Business Division for the purpose of making the group bigger and stronger by integrating a number of real estate project companies within the system. In September 2011, Tianjin Property Development Co., Ltd was established, acting as the corporate management unit of the Business Division. The company is a comprehensive wholly state-owned enterprise integrating trade, real estate, property asset management. The registered capital of the company is 970,000,000 yuan.
For trade business, the types of transactions involve import and export of steel, coal, chemicals, lumber, consumer goods and other several fields. The average annual sales reach above 5,000,000,000 yuan.
For real estate development, the affiliated companies have developed and completed the following projects in recent years: Shuiyunting Project (30,000 square meters), Dagang Hanyun Park project (73,000 square meters), Milan Century Garden (200,000 square meters), Mingjia Mansion (177,000 square meters), Yingdong Spa Garden (200,000 square meters), etc. The in-progress projects includes Steel Trading Building Project in Beichen District (150,000 square meters), Jiefangnan Road Project (300,000 square meters); Qianqiao Project in Wuxi (65,000 square meters), Foshan Project in Guangdong (200,000 square meters); the total development area is 1,400,000 square meters.
By the actual operation of the above-mentioned projects, we achieved good economic benefits; meanwhile, we accumulated rich experience in property development and management, setting up a solid foundation for future large-scale development of the real estate business division.
In 2012, seizing the opportunity of Tianwu Group’s access to the world's top 500 enterprise, in accordance with the overall arrangements and requirements of the Group "Trade + Logistics, Trade + real estate, trade + financial", the Business Division created new business ideas and developed new business areas standing on a new and higher platform. A strategic partnership has been established with Outlet (China) Co., Ltd., taking full advantage of the land resources owned by Outlet in various cities in mainland China, to actively explore and develop a new business model of commercial projects and real estate projects jointly development, to realize the business structure of asset capitalization and capital market internationalization. During 2012, Tianjin Baleiyu Investment Management Co., Ltd was established by jointly investment between Outlet (China) Co., Ltd and our company, establishing a good foundation for future depth cooperation.
For property management, the Property Department of the company has currently manages 160,000 square meters asset size. The size of property asset management reaches 290,000 square meters after taking over the new project assets.
We believe that the Business Division will achieve even more brilliant achievements under the guidance of the Group's overall plans and requirements, by bearing in mind the concept of hard work and prosperous country, by keeping enthusiastic state of mind to jointly contribute and work hard, and will make our contributions for the Group in comprehensively stepping onto a new level.