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Tianjin Materials Industry & International Energy Development Co., Ltd

Tianjin Materials Industry & international Energy Development Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to ‘the company’) is a company affiliated to Tianjin Materials and Equipments Group Corporation. As a modern large-scale circulation enterprise, the company has a registered capital of 500 million Yuan, with a total assets of 8 billion Yuan and a business scale of more than 20 billion Yuan. Currently, The company ’s core business are related to the petroleum chemical industry, coal and coke, and clean energy, with the sales and marketing networks throughout the whole China including north China, northeast China, east China, south China and northwest China. The company also engages in import and export with foreign customers from Europe, United States of America and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Petrochemical Industry:
The company mainly engages in business of petroleum, diesel, kerosene; 180#, 280#, 380#, cutback asphalt, biodiesel fuel oil blend; mixed aromatics, petrol benzene, petroleum coke and other petrochemical products. It has the non-state-owned import license of fuel oil issued by Ministry of Commerce.
Coal and Coke:
Domestic Market: The company is dedicated to integrate the domestic coal resources and build a large logistic system in coal trading field. It has established strategic cooperation partnership with large sized power group and energy enterprises. The large-scale coal storage and transportation center in inner Mongolia and an energy base in Northwest China were built. Meanwhile it also introduces e-commerce business on bulk stock and takes geological advantage of Tianjin Port, Qin Huangdao Port, Cao Feidian Port, Jintang Port and Dong Port to give full play superiority in coal marketing network and logistics distribution by supplying coal to power plant in South China.
Overseas Market: the company is actively implementing the development strategy of “Stepping out” and utilizing the financial management concept of supply chain and the operation mode of “Trade + Finance”. It has been constantly enlarging the scale of import trade, and exploring import resources from the countries like America, Australia , South Africa and Indonesia with the sales network stretching to East China, North China, Fujian and Jiangsu Provinces, etc.
The marketing mode of the company’s coke business is mainly bank factoring, supplying raw materials to medium and large steel enterprises and coke making enterprises.
Clean Energy
To establish LNG、CNG terminal gas filling station and LNG storage and transportation center, providing with automotive and marine LNG filling service and building reserve and distribution center for LNG、CNG filling station in Tianjin and North China. The company has established strategic partnership with overseas major energy company by taking advantage of overseas resource for the purpose of developing an operation mode of industry chain covers the segments like LNG import, reserve and distribution, terminal gas filling station.
The company engages in exporting E-bus, LNG, hybrid clean energy bus and spare parts to German. It has obtained European TUV certification and exclusive dealership from nine countries in Europe and established long term partnership with clients from European, American to South-east Asian countries. The export business also engages in several industries like lithium iron phosphate battery, solar photovoltaic with business line covers more than 500 products.
Member of China commercial credit enterprise
Awarded as “ Top 10 brand enterprise in national fuel circulation industry” by China Fuel Circulation Association.
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