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TEWOO Metals International Trade Co., Ltd


TEWOO Metals International Trade Co., Ltd was established on May, 2006 by the integration of TEWOO Group’s three companies in the metal business----Tianjin Metal Material Company, Tianjin Xiantong Material & Trade Co.; Ltd and Tianjin Hopetone Co.; Ltd. It is a professional logistics enterprise engaged in the national and international transaction, machining and delivery, E-business on metals and the related products.The company registered capital of 700 million Yuan RMB。Now, it has become the largest logistics enterprise on metals in Tianjin.

The company has already consolidated the long-term strategic alliance with more almost 30 domestic famous enterprises such as An-Ben Group, Shougang Steel, Hebei Iron & Steel Group, Shandong Iron & Steel Group, Baogang Steel and so on. Now the resources amount to almost 4000 specification such as hot-rolled, cold-rolled, hot dipped galvanized , steel strip, steel scrap, coal, iron ore. In 2013, the company’s metal sales income amounts to 35 billion yuan RMB and sales volume amounts to 14.2 million tons. The market network has covered over 10 domestic provinces in Northeast, East, South of China. It establishes 8 national subsidiaries in Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai, Wuxi, Foshan,and so on.
Through scientific and rational layout, it develop strongly logistics base and construction, for customers to provide more efficient, more personalized logistics solutions. At the same time the company also focus on the development of logistics finance, carry out asset capital operation, towards the three party, the high-end comprehensive Supply Chain Logistics promotion. In the " 12th Five-Year Plan", the company will steadily advance the Binhai New Area Logistics Park project, Beichen steel building project and Wuxi Qianqiao metal products trading center.

Tianjin and the Binhai New Area with vigorous momentum of development, the company focus on construction as a breakthrough ,and actively develop new business areas. It successfully won the bid,”Tianjin Metro Line No.2&3&5&6 procurement of rail projects”, ”Tianjin Cultural Center transportation hub of steel constrction procurement” and so on.

With the special strength of famous management consulting company, we design the strategy, organization framework, business technological process, human resource management and so on. The company now has 225employees with 36-year-old average age and 80%’s own university educational background. Thus the company has the obvious personnel advantage of high-effective, innovative and vigorous in the domestic goods and materials industry.

In accordance with modern corporate governance structure, the company established the Board of Directors and the Presidential Charging System. At the same time, it set up modern information-based management platform. The company uses Oracle ERP system and Byter software to improve the work efficiency and supervision level.

Faced with the new competition and opportunities in the future market, the company relies on sincere business and effective services. And it is seeking wider and deeper cooperation in the steel trade field. In 2008,it gains the honorary title of advanced unit of the National "Mayday" Labor Certificate.the honorary title of advanced unit of Tianjin "Mayday" Labor Certificate. In 2012, it ranked 19th in the Top 100 enterprises of Tianjin.

"Serving the customers, accomplishing the stuff, reward the society" is a motto to pursuit of TEWOO Metals people. All the concern and cares of public friends will help us to march on without cease. In future, we are expecting to be able to make what little contribution to the development for the country metal industry.We are willing to cooperate and communicate with our counterparts all over the world to develop together and to win together.

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