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Tianjin Jiayong Financing Leasing Co., Ltd.


Tianjin Jiayong Financing Leasing Co., Ltd., registered capital: RMB 170 million Yuan, is a financing leasing experimental company in the ninth batch of the Ministry of Commerce. It has the financial leasing business of national public facilities, buildings, infrastructures, various advanced or applicable production equipments, communication equipments, scientific research equipments, testing and detection equipments, engineering machineries, offshore engineering structures, means of transportation (including airplanes, railway locomotives, automobiles, ships, etc.) and the affiliated technology; leasing transaction consultation; public facility, infrastructure, hotel, government and commercial property management; enterprise asset restructuring and merger and acquisition planning; financial consultant; information consulting service; traffic, energy, new technique, new material, ship and dock facility investment; investment in leasing, trust (excluding trust equity investment) and guarantee industries; and other business approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

Advantages of Financing Leasing

Enrich financing measures

Advantages of Financing Leasing Compared with Bank Loan: [2]

Financing Leasing

Bank Loan

Low Credit Standing Guarantee Threshold

High Credit Standing Guarantee Threshold

Simple Procedures

Complicated Procedures

100% asset amount of financing is available 

Only 50%~70% asset amount of financing is available

Asset-liability ratio can be optimized

Asset-liability ratio will be increased

No Relevant Restrictions

Project Loan Restrictions

Optimization of Liability Term Structure

1. Flexible Rental Payment Method and Term of Lease

2. Effectively avoid inflation, concentrated repayment of bank loans (principal and interest) and other investment risks 

3. Effectively relieve pressure of short-term loan for long-term use for enterprise

4. Effectively liquidize remnant assets by sales and leaseback

Improvement of Capital Usage Efficiency

1. Credit vetting procedures for financing leasing is simple 

2. Time for “capital – production and construction – profit” process is shortened and capital turnover is accelerated 

3. Financing leasing plays a role of shortage make-up

Benefit Financial Management

1. It can realize accounting subject transfer – fixed assets paying financial compensation in advance – by financing leasing

2. Financing leasing can accelerate equipment depreciation withdrawing and reduce income tax earlier payment pressure  

3. Financing leasing transaction cost is low

4. It doesn’t occupy credit line of enterprise