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Tianjin Products & Energy Resources Development Co., Ltd

    Tianjin Products & Energy Resources Development Co., Ltd is a large-sized modern trade and business enterprise attached to Tianjin Materials & Equipments Group Corporation. There are a number of joint stock and holding companies and wholly owned subsidiaries. It set up affiliated agencies in Beijing, Shaanxi, Hong Kong, Australia, India and other area. The total registered capital of the company and its major member companies is RMB 919 million . After continuous development, the four operation sectors, including mineral resources, iron and steel trade, logistics & financial services, and four-star hotel, have gradually developed supply chain marketing system combining raw material supply, logistics value-added, steel terminal marketing and metal products processing.
    In 2013, the company achieved sales amount of RMB 50 billion , accomplished $ 2077 million import and export volume, and reached 36.1 million tons physical quantity, of this: 14 million tons mineral, 6.5 million tons steel and 8.2 milllion tons of coal.
    Mineral resource trade is the key business sector and strategic development trend of company business. After constant development, resource purchase channels cover Australia, India, Brazil, North Africa and other ten countries and regions; marketing network ranges over national key costal ports in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Tianjin, Tangshan. Through as agent, direct supply and self-operation, the company has built long-term and stable cooperation relations with both its upstream and downstream enterprises. Meanwhile, the products operated by the company extend to other steel metallurgical products such as pig iron, coal and scrap steel.
    The operated products of steel trade involve billet steel, construction steel, nonferrous metals, steel for metal products, hardware products and dozens of thousands of categories of models. The strategic cooperative partners are twenty well-known steel enterprises including Shougang Group, Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd, Baotou Steel, Jiujiang Steel, Laigang Steel, Jinxi Iron and Steel, and Hebei Iron & Steel Group. Domestic sales network lies in Tianjin and radiates to many provinces and cities the nation wide; steel and metal products are exported to more than 20 countries and areas over the world. For particular, market share in America and EU rank top in domestic.
    The subordinate company of it is Tangshan Caofeidian TEWOO Logistics Co., Ltd which occupied 2.45 million square meters logistics area. The company can provide storage, logistics dispatch, financial supervision, bonded, transaction warehouse trade and processing services to mineral, steel and chemical companies.
    In recently, King Hall Hotel has successfully provided services for various domestic and international large activities such as Beijing Olympic Games, International Children’s Art Festival, Asian Basketball Championships, Davos Economic Forum and World Meteorological Congress.
    In 2011, the company ranked 36th at Tianjin Top Hundred Enterprises.In 2009, the company was granted the title of “Tianjin Advanced Unit of May Day Labor Certificate”. In 2008, it obtained the title of “Tianjin Worker Pioneer” issued by Tianjin General Labor Union. Over the past years, the company has been remained the title of “National Youth Model Unit”.
    In the future development, relying on deep background and strength of TEWOO GROUP CO., LTD , Tianjin Products & Energy Resources Development Co., Ltd adheres to make a expanding target is “being a comprehensive facilitator relying on the resources which are shortage in domestic and international markets and basing on logistics, trading and financing services.” The enterprise will fully use the most of the advantages of talents, resource and capital. The company continuously improves its core competitiveness through chain docking, supply chain service and value chain optimization. It sincere cooperates with domestic and international companies to work together and jointly achieve leap-forward development.
    Tel: 0086-22-58896087
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